The Mad Tour Continues!

I will admit to experiencing a bit of Mad Hope hangover.  I’m happy to be meeting readers, whether virtual or, um, human.  But life with two small children is busy and dervish-like and fulfilling and frustrating — and the children, thankfully, do not (often) truck with the literati.  So there are two worlds spinning around and inside me.  And sometimes they clash and sometimes they just whizz way too fast so that when I lie down in my bed at night — even though the baby is sleeping through the night (She really is!  I’ve said it aloud a few times now to no discernible/deleterious effect.) — I can’t sleep.  And in the day I often have the sensation of being asleep with my eyes open.

Photo Credit: Zara Rafferty

But the best kind of antidote to any kind of hangover has got to be the gals over at the Keepin’ It Real Book Club.  They reviewed Mad Hope, in a live video, in 140 seconds.  The review is fab (Feel the Mad Hope!), but their connection and banter also remind me of a wonderful pre-partner and kids period; time and space for long exchanges with close girlfriends, finishing and hijacking each other’s sentences, reading and talking about books in a manner I now know to be luxurious and productive and free.  Go check out their vids!

In the last couple of weeks, Lindsay Reeder at Reeder Reads also showed MH some love, and I got the chance to hold forth on the short story form over at The Danforth Review and tell everybody about my favourite colour, how I want to die, and why I hate shrimp in the Proust Questionnaire at Open Book.

Also, here are some photos from the Indie Lit Night in Waterloo.  That drink — cursed, beautiful thing — is called Mad Hope in a Glass and it was conceived by bookseller extraordinaire Caroline Wesley (of Waterloo’s Words Worth Books).  The green thing on the side, perched next to the lime, is a gummy frog!  And that’s me and Carrie Snyder, lookin’ like ladies on the lam from the fams.

Starlight! and a Shindig!

Two back-to-back events coming up mid-May — very exciting!

On the 15th, I’ll be in Waterloo, reading with my friends Carrie Snyder and Marianne Apostolides, fellow Coach House-er, poet Walid Bitar, the illustrious George Murray, and many other writers whose work (and selves) I’m excited to encounter.  The event is sponsored by Waterloo lit journal extraordinaire The New Quarterly and indie book store Words Worth Books — I’m thrilled to be a part of it.  If you’re a Waterloo-er, Waterloo-an, Waterloo-ist, Waterlooie!, please come and have a listen and a chat.


On the 16th, I will be reading again with Carrie Snyder (whose The Juliet Stories are so lovely) in Toronto at Type Books.  Carrie and I will be joined by Daniel Griffin, author of Stopping for Strangers (by all accounts another fantastic story collection) and the evening will be hosted by none other than Kerry Clare, of the book blog Pickle Me This, and 49th shelf.  I am deeply (madly, hopefully) committed to the short story form, so this feels like a particularly fitting celebration!  Join us.