Launching Spring with Coach House

On Wednesday night I had the great pleasure of launching my second collection of stories, Mad Hope to the wider world, along with a collection of super-talented writers:  playwright Karen Hines (Drama, Pilot Episode), poets Susan Steudel (New Theatre) and Walid Bitar (Divide and Rule), and novelist Tamara Faith Berger (Maidenhead).  They are wonderful books all — seek them out!  The Dance Cave felt gritty and nostalgic, and when I visited the bathroom my nerves and the graffiti (unabridged, unedited) were almost strong enough to make me stay, but there were people and books mingling on the other side of the door.  And I like to see people and books mingling.  We are going to be celebrating more Mad Hope on April 24th at the Dakota Tavern.  Maybe you will join us?