Here I am with a blog.

This is my new blog space. I’m not really sure how it will work, or whether it’s even my bag. To be honest, although I am a writer, this whole blog thing makes me nervous. The word itself sounds faintly British, and possibly rude (I know its provenance, the whole portmanteau shorthand, but still…) and I can’t seem to get my head around the ways in which one shares whilst in the process of, um, blogging. See? A bit rude, no? Still, so many people I like and admire have blogs and say interesting and often beautiful and thought-provoking things on them. So. Here I am with a blog. I will try my best to blog with the best of them. I’m not promising this blog will be regular (!) or enlightening (!) but please come visit me when you can and let me know how I’m doing (oh, man).